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Revive your loved project or dive into a new passion with our electroplating services. We electroplate most steel, stainless steel, alloy, brass, copper, die-cast metals. You choose from a variety of electroplated options and a range of finish types to ensure the piece fits the style you desire.

Electroplating Sydney

For the best in electroplating, Sydney residents can count on Master Plating. Since 1972, the specialists at Master Plating have been in the electroplating business, completing spotless, vibrant, and precise projects, big and small. We plate most metal surfaces, such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, die-cast, alloy and silver.

At Master Plating, our electroplating specialists use advanced technology and proven methods to create long-lasting, durable electroplating. Sydney customers will find the perfect finish at Master Plating, with a wide variety of metal surfaces options available, including chrome, nickel, sterling silver, tin, brass, non-tarnish brass, 24ct gold, copper, bronze, black chrome, gunmetal, black nickel, and more.

By using electrical currents to flawlessly connect a layer of metal onto the base metal, electroplating replicates the style of all kinds of metal. Electroplating is a long-lasting, cost-effective plating solution that can be used for projects of all sizes, from home décor to cars.

With an extensive selection of electroplated and finishing options, our customers are sure to create a masterpiece. 

To discuss with our dedicated team your options for electroplating, Sydney locals can give our specialists a call today. 

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