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Custom surface finishes

Our electroplating specialists have been serving the Melbourne area since 1972. We provide a vast range of electroplating and in house polishing options to deliver effective solutions that fit your needs. Our team is committed to providing excellent service in a timely manner. 

metal polisher

Metal polishing

Make your metal shine with our professional polishing services. We polish most types of metal including steel, stainless steel, alloys and zinc die cast. Just bring in your metal and we will get started on your project right away. 
metal that was electroplated


Revive your loved project or dive into a new passion with our electroplating services. We electroplate most steel, stainless steel, alloy, brass, copper, die-cast metals. You choose from a variety of electroplated options and a range of finish types to ensure the piece fits the style you desire.

Architectural Services

Committed to delivering the best service to all of our valued clients Master Plating is on hand to share the best knowledge gained from our decades of experience and training. Delivering second to none architectural services to Melbourne builders and designers we can help you determine what finish is best for your project. To take advantage of our modern interior design services Melbourne locals can call us on 03 9770 8067.

Personalised work for architectural, commercial and private projects

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